Nutrition's Role in Sustainable Livestock Production - Videography & Editing

"Mike's attention to detail and willingness to go above and beyond expectations is what made the four educational videos he produced, exceptional. Even while filming in a barn, he made sure the sound and video quality was top notch. His enthusiasm for the project truly showed the passion and dedication he has for his work".

Rachel Bespuda

Project Director 

Tri-State SARE Project

UCONN Extension

Video Production, Wedding Videography, and Aerial Drone Photography

“I’ve been working with Mike for a few years and am fully confident and trusting in his process, both logistically and creatively. When working with Mike on drone specific projects he is extremely detailed and thorough when researching each location, talking to the appropriate personnel and following the correct procedure in making sure we are operating in a safe manor. Because of his logistical thoroughness, his creativity flourishes. It’s reached a point where I can comfortably give Mike a project knowing he will complete it from start to finish and deliver a product that is visually stunning!”

Josh Cyr

Various Visuals, LLC

Millside Wedding Films